Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Democratic strategy for Senate control and beyond

 The 2 senate runoff elections to be held Jan 5 2021 in Georgia will determine senate majority.  Strategy and policy shifts can keep that majority through 2024 and beyond.  Yes, freedom/social dividends is part of the strategy/policy mix, but this will discussed towards the end.

Deprograming the electorate as to the Republican party's anti-American evil

By rallying behind a dictator who is at least a little more pro fascist than anti fascist, they endanger republican voters for a future where a different narcissist threatens to bankrupt and invade their counties.

The republican backed Trump sabotaging of healthcare through the Supreme court this week is a tactic to destroy healthcare by blaming the court.  In 2018, republicans had majorities that permitted them to destroy healthcare through congress, but knew that doing so would lose even more congressional seats than through the cowardly court challenge process.  There is no ACA replacement plan other than a dumpster fire that requires emergency fixes.

The reason that economic collapse always follows thieving republican tax cuts for the rich, is that the tax cuts are accompanied by huge deficit increases, and those deficit increases juice up economic metrics unsustainably.  The goal is always to just keep the pyramid scheme going until the next election.  The anti-American unsustainable short termism is also exemplified by denial of covid reality, leveraging of covid response to attack blue states, opportunistically amplifying divisiveness resulting from unfair police executions of black men, destroying the climate/environment by deregulating dead ender climate terrorist fossil fuel industries in yet more short term benefits at the cost of future sustainability and energy productivity/relevance, and future agricultural and coastal property values.

Deprogramming strategy has to be a very forceful pushback on accusations of communism on an issue by issue basis.  The most moderate democrats support making America slightly less oppressive, and the most demonized democrats are not communists about to surrender Miami to Fidel Castro.  All republican politicans support making America more oppressive.  Deprogramming has to emphasize the evil of Trump support.

I will be writing a very difficult deprogramming focused article soon

Voter suppression and republican cheating must be top issue in GA senate races

Behind every effort to make voting easier or harder, republicans are on the side of making it harder.

GA senate candidates have called on republican secretary of state to resign because he failed to cheat enough.

Trump crony appointment of Dejoy to head USPS, and his attempt to sabotage mail voting through scrapping processing equipment while regularly attending republican campaign strategy meetings is clear election cheating attempt. 

DOJ head Barr ordering federal prosecutors to fish for partisan voter fraud is an abuse of government for clear election cheating.

Republican court packing with political operative hacks, especially Kavanaugh and Barret, is clear attempt to suppress voting and validate cheating.

For all Americans and Georgians, a fair election system is necessary to prevent dictatorships by either party.  A 50/50 senate will ensure that election fairness is promoted for the future.  With election fairness, republican and democrat candidates can focus on improving the country rather than destroying it for personal pillaging benefits.

For democrats specifically, this may be the last election with 8 hour voting lines.  There may be relief from oppressive ID requirements, and other voter throughput reducing measures (that lengthen lines and reduce maximum votes) as well.  For the country, a democratic majority will mean sane/less corrupt republican candidates in the future.

Extreme economic development opportunity for GA

For the bootlicking brownshirt cowardice wing of the republican party, they should consider simply switching boots.  With democrat senate control, they will be able to support all GA economic development/enhancement pork for the state of GA that is designed to keep GA blue.  The Warnock seat is only for 2 years, and GA economic support will flow quickly.  If the corrupt evil republican candidates win, they will simply join the obstruction that prevents GA from achieving economic growth that might support Democrat re-elections at the national level. 

The Democratic party wants to help GA grow and prosper.  Republicans want to destroy it, as a desperate propaganda ploy that "Democrats failed to prevent the destruction".

I will discuss the economic disaster that is the Vogtle nuclear boondogle further down, but federal assistance is likely on the table to bail out GA rate/tax payers for the disaster.  But only if Dems win senate.

With 80% of the US, according to Ipsos poll, understanding that Biden has won the presidency, not only does the corrupt shitstain republican candidates endorsement of postelection Trump and call for GA republicans who did not cheat enough to resign, place an 80% democrat vote share as a ceiling, the remaining 20% of conspiracy-desperate voters has a large share of bootlickers who are still instinctive enough to not pick shitstained loser boots.

Moderate healthcare improvements

Republicans want to make health insurance more oppressive and less reliable:  make it easier for coverage to be dropped when you get sick.

Biden's plan for reducing the age of eligibility for medicare to 60 is a huge benefit to everyone.  It reduces insurance premiums for everyone else, and insurance industry profits, because those over 60 are more likely to incur high healthcare costs, and throwing them out of the insurance pool, reduces insurance payouts that may trickle down to premium payers.

The public option insurance scheme is not as smart.  While it is a trojan horse to attempt to slowly get to single payer healthcare, and in the short term will protect private insurance profits, it does so by moving sick people onto public option and healthy people onto cheaper private plans.  But everyone is paying high taxes to support both public and private insurance rate payers and profits.  The problem with the end game of deciding between single payer and extortion healthcare is the evil propaganda that "private insurance appears much cheaper" (when it only insures healthy people).

There is a public option that is much more moderate than Bernie's vision for a Platinum M4A.  Call it Bronze M4A, with options for platinum supplemental coverage that may keep private insurers viable.  

M4A is obviously better for 3 simple reasons:

1. Cheaper overall.  Healthcare costs per person go down on average.

2. You don't need to worry about insurance weaseling out of paying.  You could buy enhanced coverage on top of M4A

3. The only people who love their insurance are those who get it for "free" from work.  An M4A bill could ensure that the costs to employee/employer of providing healthcare are transferred as extra cash to salaries/wages.

M4A means more money in Americans pockets (less insurance+ out of pocket costs > tax increases) with more trustworthy/reliable health insurance.  There's the option of supplemental coverage to match any existing coverage options.  The option to use extra cash for anything.

This is a better option than a public option because it is far less expensive to tax payers, and platinum supplemental coverage providers need to make premiums attractive if the coverage does not seem essential.

Even if "moderate dems" want to protect the expensive private health model with small bandaid improvements, they can still angrily call out the fascist disinformation who want to make healthcare more exploitative.  

Campaign should be less about defending a specific form of improvement to healthcare access and costs, and more about attacking the depravity of republicans for American hating attempts at destroying healthcare access.  If GA republican shitstain candidates win, they will obstruct any and all attempts to improve healthcare.

Single payer (tax funded) healthcare, even at the minimal bronze level, significantly improves the economic dynamism of America.  People can start businesses without healthcare worries.  They can join smaller businesses as employees without burdening those businesses with the cost and energy to manage employee healthcare, not placing smaller business at a disadvantage for talent acquisition.  Tax funded healthcare also benefits (higher employer premium cost) polluting/hazardous/big businesses with international competition.

Climate change and energy policy

GA does not have fossil fuel interests and so no valid loyalty to expensive legacy energy.  Adopting cheaper renewables before its neighbor states will permit GA to colonize its neighbors' energy needs under a carbon tax with dividend energy policy model, which will eventually become necessary as renewable energy penetration eventually stalls.

The Biden climate plan is good in its generous budgetary allocation.  There are several inefficiencies included in the plan:  All nuclear research/development funding is 100% waste with zero potential to assist energy transition, not only for the absurdly exepensive and uncompetitive energy, but the 10-15 year delay in commissioning a reactor that means either zero progress on renewables during the wait, or immediate bankruptcy for the useless energy generator upon commissioning.  Building efficiency retrofits are poor use of funds because new renewable energy financing provides orders of magnitude more emission reductions per dollar invested.  Efficiency/self power generation standards for new construction are exceptionally good policy.  Solar integrated during building construction is as cheap as utility scale projects.

The rapid (2030ish) path to 95%+ clean energy is through a large amount of cheap renewables sufficient to meet every day's electricity needs, a small amount of batteries to buffer renewable energy into a baseload-like service, and hydrogen infrastructure that takes the surplus energy produced on most days to deliver reliable on demand energy to transportation, industry and buildings.  A carbon tax and dividend (all pollution tax revenue collected redistributed as an equal cash payment to residents) is key to rapid adoption of clean energy and transportation because without a carbon tax, oil and gas prices go towards 0, and low cost climate destroying energy helps counterbalance any climate protecting energy adoption.  A carbon tax centered climate policy is one that achieves progress with economic dynamism and with minimal centralized government expense.  It is the dead ender climate terrorists who pay through loss of asset value.  It is easy to transfer climate policy to other jurisdictions whose cooperation is essential when carbon taxes are the central means of emission reduction.

The republican candidates for GA senate are beholden to national republican party for funding their corruption.  That republican party in turn is beholden to climate terrorist dead ender energy interests.  Loyalty to RNC is incompatible with respect for GA citizens need for agricultural and coastal property sustainability and incompatible with GA energy progress including the potential with a carbon tax for Vogtle to provide marginally competitive energy as an attractive export to neighbors.

The breakeven amount of additional money to throw into the Vogtle 1GW nuclear money pit for its completion is $3B.  With the same amount 3 GW of solar could be deployed with enough left over for a battery buffer that turns that solar into a baseload power source.  The future decommissioning costs of Vogtle are not included, but would increase the alternative battery buffer size.  3GW of solar could be deployed in 1 year.  Whether Vogtle is abandoned or not, republican responsibility for this continued ruinous theft, will harm GA forever.  The Democrat GA senate candidates are the only ones who can ensure that the nuclear energy nightmare is not ever imposed elsewhere in America.  The enslavement of white and black Georgians must be liberated from republican graft, or at least given a strongly worded reprimand.

Genuine unity possible with Democrat Senate win

Andrew Yang is in GA campaigning for Democrat senate candidates, and except for mistaken nuclear energy advocacy and a late campaign switch to unproductive public option healthcare, has a centrist, math focused unifying policies to achieve progressive outcomes without invoking culture war issues.

AY is renown for advocating for covid stimulus/freedom dividends.  Both are unconditional cash grants given to citizens.  Covid stimulus has been obstructed by Republican controlled senate.

Freedom/covid dividends are great for rich people.  It permits landlords and banks to collect housing payments.  Permits Businesses to have more customers to sell to, and employ people to take those customers' money.

Freedom dividends are great for lower classes generally because it permits the economic dynamism of entrepreneurship and education and mobility, and does so through individual centered/empowered means.

What is underappreciated is the potential for freedom dividends to end the institutional racism that leads to aggressive policing of black men.  Freedom dividends leads to lower crime rates because criminal activity is risky and desperate, and UBI ends desperation.  A chickenshit police uses qualified immunity and fear to shoot 10 times and ask questions later.  Looking like a criminal is the pretext for aggressive policing, and if crime is rare, then no one looks like a criminal.  While most people fear a "defund the police" message, they do so from a perspective of uncertainty rather than hatred.  Many people can be convinced to not hate, I'd hope, and it's easier when you can park your lambo in every neighborhood, and 4 police per 100 residents is a lot more (tax) expensive than 2 per 100.

Freedom dividends are also the only potential general economic/pandemic relief that can be fairly self funded.  UBI is simply a refundable tax credit that is offset by tax rate increases, but it is only the highest income earners that pay more in taxes than they receive in UBI, but these same people also earn more from the economic growth provided by UBI.

The most unifying aspect of freedom dividends is that no one is selected by discretionary power hierarchy as deserving more than anyone else.

Some proposals here are different than the official Democratic platform

Policy and bills will be set in congress.  The existence and consideration of better and more progressive alternatives to improve America than the President's choice offers more paths to progress, and different coalitions to progress.  A tied majority democrat senate permits compromises with republicans where such compromise provides greater value in achieving progressive goals.  With a republican senate majority only obstruction and turning America into the biggest dumpster fire possible will be pursued.  Dumpster fire extinguisher 2024 is their new platform.

Campaigning both to the left and center (center does not mean towards anti American republicans) while hinting/pretending that GA focused economic development is compatible with something some democrat has proposed is a winning campaign platform.  Pragmatic/bootlicker republicans will understand that 2 and 4 year prosperity for GA depends on a democratic senate majority.

Insulting the disgrace of the personally corrupt insider trading RNC loyal shitstain candidates must be emphasized over defending Democrat policies.  The shitstains only have Trump/RNC loyalty as policy positions, and Trump only believes in dumpster fire.  Georgians deserve better than a dumpster fire, and the rest of the country will be very grateful if they choose prosperity by electing both Democratic Senate candidates.

To moderate democrat politicians who feel they lost because opponents called them or Joe/Bernie/AOC anti-police commies, they should have pushed back against the lying, America hating, pillaging oligarch, fascists, by calling them nazis.  As Sean Connery said "Its the Chicago way".  Sure you end up having to backtrack on whether they meet the exact definition of nazis, but that can be done while underlining their lying, their exploitative hatred of Americans and their health, their support for oligarch pillaging the economy, their support for police brutality, and their support for an unconstitutional dictator led dumpster fire.  "Sure, they seem supportive of a zionist agenda.  The reason they deserve to be called nazis is entirely due to their unfair accusations of communism and socialism."  The more moderate the democratic candidate, the more angry they should be about opponent lies against them and the party.  Joe Biden can take the scoffing high road dismissive approach to the mud slinging, but house candidates especially need more fire, including the most moderate ones.  Fire can include both positioning different from AOC, but strongly defending unfair attacks on AOC.

Beyond the GA senate runoff election

Iowa is apparently supportive of being sacrificial pawns in China trade wars to sacrifice their farmers for coastal financial and tech empires access to China markets.  Compared to 2018 governor race, Iowa went an extra 5 points to republicans.  Iowa voters should be shamed into redemption for such support.  The bootlickers only understand which boot is the correct choice.  Any republican candidate who echoes Trump loyalties should be attacked for anti American/Iowan values.  It is local candidates who should show the disparity in federal investment between counties that support Democrats and those who hate America.  The same strategy will get gains in Nebraska and Kansas.

Democrats have a reputation for walking a line between promises of progress and deliverables on progress.  In this election, some black celebrities and leftists implied that since Obama failed to end racism, a vote for the Trump dumpster fire was encouraged.

Once upon a time, the republican party used to stand for economic dynamism.  By including progressive policies implemented through dynamism rather than centralized supervision (M4A is included as a dynamic solution to healthcare because it frees people and business from needless financial oppression, dependence (on employer), and management by business of health coverage), the democratic party can expand its appeal, while potentially delaying progress if that is their motive, but key to power, further placing the republican party as a destructive untrustworthy dumpster fire only obstructionists. 


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