Thursday, January 27, 2011

Natural Governance for enterprise

Natural Governance is a sister site that focuses on national level organization, or more specifically, governance among social associations of communities.  Its essential philosophy is that citizens are equal partners in a society, and as such deserve an equal portion of social (tax collection) surpluses.  Cash distributions to citizens in the form of Basic Income continue the wealth redistribution mandate we insist upon our societies, and achieve the mandate more efficiently, and with ancillary benefits.

The key innovation in natural governance is the decentralization and removal of hierarchy from government.  This is achieved by electing each independent governance function and making it accountable to promised mandate and budgets.  New projects, splits of government functions, and elimination of government functions are proposed and voted upon, and have no interdependence or direction from other governance silos.

Natural Governance scales down to the enterprise level quite well.  Especially for egalitarian partnerships.  In fact the ability to apply natural governance principles to an enterprise is another substantial reason to prefer egalitarian partnerships over other corporate structures.  Natural governance citizens are obviously equal partners in their societies, and both citizens and shareholders have a natural share of proceeds in the organization.

Natural Governance principles can be applied to allocating work in a decentralized manner.  Partners (or the public and employees) can bid on roles and project expansions, while other partners vote on which proposals to accept.  Voting is not anonymous and not necessarily final.  A software platform similar to can aggregate and organize proposals, compromises, counter-proposals, and track voting status.  Delegates (someone you vote for, who then votes all the votes delegated to him for all issues, or specific categories of issues) can accumulate voting blocks from those who don't care enough how their money is spent to research or monitor proposed functions.

Consider a hotel resort or co-housing large egalitarian partnership.  Simple tasks such as gathering firewood, cleaning and cooking can have streamlined requisitions process.  Banquets, renovations, medical facilities operator, brewmaster are all functions that require specific budgets, plans, and qualifications, and so require proposals and requests for proposals.

Natural Financed Egalitarian Partnerships advantage bids by partners for work and positions because natural finance facilitates deferred compensation, and the voting partners will prefer to award employment benefits to other partners due to reinvestment of proceeds or part of the benefits given as queued soft loans.  The Natural Finance appointed comptroller can also be available to mediate disputes.

In closing, I will touch on the philosophical acrimonies between centrally planned, socialist, and market ideas.  All existing enterprises are centrally planned, with command and control over their resources.  Central planning is pervasively condemned as inefficient and demotivational.  Market benefits are the encouragement and guidance of chaos through invisible hands that motivate effort to provide value to other market participants.  Natural governance similarly enhances motivational energy by providing opportunities for responsibility and decentralizing management and oversight to all of its members.  "Socialist" or group funding of projects can be more efficient by avoiding metering, cash handling/transaction time/security, and profit markup of services.  Natural governance provides the means to organize voluntary group funding by participants with equal to gain or lose from projects.  Natural governance within an organization or society can bring forth the best of both market and progressive social philosophies.

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