Investment Banking

Natural Finance provides key opportunities to facilitate:
  • Replacement of floating debt and public bonds with more secure and cheaper soft loans 
  • Management (core shareholder) takeovers of corporations by issuing high dividends in cash and soft loans to those shareholders who would appreciate cashing out.
  • Conversion of Canadian Income Trusts to structures with similar high yield to investors.
  • Recapitalization of public companies for more flexible financing of continuing operations and expansion.
  • Accounting services to verify trust in organizational mandates.
  • Elimination of complex, non-litigation-certain covenants in securities aimed at managing dilution by queued soft loans which guarantee no dilution, thereby attracting sophisticated investors.
  • Direct Lending by retail investors due to simple risk propositions of soft loans. 
  • Public trading of securities for smaller companies through direct lending and verified trust.
  • Public trading in socially purposed organizations by separating organizational purpose from capitalist returns.