Monday, November 7, 2022

The invention of truth

This paper proves the existence of God logically... And everyone will agree this is a terrible thing.  A more accurate description of the paper is that it proves a constraint on God, and constraint on the will of God, as a corollary to the axiom: if God exists, then God is good.  Theoretically, this should only make evil people angry, but stubbornness of beliefs has an emotional attachment.

The title is an homage to The invention of lying (movie by Ricky Gervais).  There will be a part 2 with film and culture references, but this paper will try to be more strict/serious.

Blaise Pascal and the economics of God

Pascal's wager is fundamentally that if loyalty to Church (different from loyalty to God) costs very little, and the payoff is potentially eternal reward.  The economics of God definitely exist.  Other rewards from loyalty to Church include feeling hope, experiencing the joy of spiritual fulfillment, overcoming fear of social disapproval for insufficient Church loyalty, and enjoying group community/identity for a group superficially supportive of the general good.  These describe the economics for buyers of Church adherence.

The economic sellers of Church adherence are a hierarchy of Men serving Church interests.  Capturing your soul is a monetizable/asset, while the liabilities of providing ponies from prayer and eternal mansions are shifted to an invisible sky fairy.  The economics of selling Church adherence incentivize scamming where the Church, as an intermediary, replaces/pretends to serve God with service to, or actually aiding, demonic influences of oligarchs and ruling classes.  When you sell your soul/loyalty to the Church, you empower it to Churchsplain your suffering as being caused by a mysterious God's will.  There is massive scamming opportunity for the hierarchy of Men controlling a Church to serve profitable rulership interests at the expense of their adherents.

Pascal's wager risks the small cost of your loyalty/soul for no benefit.  But instead risking the further cost of eternal damnation instead of eternal reward.  Whether or not you are responsible for your own foolishness in adhering to demonic evil, your soul has been pledged, nonetheless to Satan, by the Church brokers.  Not that the existence of a devil is needed to explain evil in our world, but the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is deceiving society into believing that he is God.  The business model of delivering your soul to an evil order is much more profitable than valuing humanist freedom.  There is only money in selling slaves.  No direct money in freeing them.

Media that promotes a nationalist order is a modern and more effective replacement for the Churches' selling of souls to the nationalist order.  Even when left and right perspectives are balanced, and the democratic framework extolled, a nationalist order where things will stay the same is ensured.  Media serves evil, by demonically framing national opinion within evil alternatives.

The proof of God in this paper fully recognizes providing an economic payoff to God.  The payoff of God is providing heaven on earth, low scarcity world with ample easy opportunity for all humans rather than just a heaven on earth for ruling elites, and hell on earth for the rest.  Any eternal  extra planar/dimensional rewards are a bonus cherry only available to those who adhere/support policies that a  good God must want for humans.  There is no need to prove the existence of the bonus cherry prize to prove God's relevance (relevance implies existence).  The God being proven is a supernatural force that guides towards good and against evil actions independently of the human consequence of being caught or the PR value of public acclaim.  The following 4 sections define God in a clear definitive structured-hierarchical-mandate way, whose consistency could not be reconciled with 20000 sentences from scripture.  In the end, God is presented here as a more consistent expression of human love than spiritual hope and joy given to those who abstain from sin, and an economic rationale is proposed to accept this God as the only possible one true God.


Ethics must be in the form of a mandate hierarchy.  The top mandate must be absolute.  The 2nd mandate must be absolute while never violating top mandate, and each subsequent mandates are absolute as well, while subservient to mandates above them.

Truth is such a primordial ethics mandate that God himself must be identical/slave/bound to truth.  If God is not evil, then he must demand truth, and be truth.  If God is evil, or wants us to be evil, then he is not worth respecting.  Any loyalty placed above a loyalty to truth is a loyalty against God, and a necessarily, loyalty to evil.

Implications of common violations of these axioms:

"God blesses our tribe" (no matter what lies/evil our tribe commits is direct corruption of God)

Loyalty to a Church that includes a mandate to deliver souls to demonic lying Conservative/Republican rulers that serve an evil oligarchy is a loyalty against God.

Humanism is maximizing the sum total of all individual humans' happiness, including the sustainable happiness of future humanity.  An act that improves any small/single subset of humanity is humanist as long as it doesn't disenfranchise another human.


Humanism defines Good, and what good God wants for humanity.  Truth/God eternally transcending through generations means Truth/God will still be relevant in future.  Environmentalism is an essential component of human sustainability, but humanism must trump environmentalism as priority.  Humanism must trump tribalism.  Humanism is the 2nd prime loyalty (after truth) to God.  Loyalty above humanism or truth is loyalty to evil.

Individual acts of humanism include  self actualization, employment, consumption, production, kindness, having/raising children, and helping structure the world to be more conducive to human prosperity and sustainability.

Structural/social humanism is a world that provides all of us opportunity to "easily" thrive.  A world/society that supports you in meeting your "goodness quota" of 28 pregnancies with octomom fertility treatments = 224 births, is a humanist world the result of concerted social action to make the world more humanist.  While a 224 children quota is extreme, and difficult to expect sustainability if all women quickly adopted it, a world that is too harsh to consider the effort needed to raise some children is a world that is too harsh, and perhaps lacks the technical progress needed to sustain higher population.  A world that lacks the hope for opportunity that will affect parents and their potential children.

The most demonic anti human acts are manufacturing war to coerce arms sales and profit from food and climate destroying energy scarcity.  Such evil seeks/claims blessing from God, but we/humanity should not tolerate such victimization.

Humanism is the answer to the question "what policy is truly good?"  Tribal rulership striving to diminish others/humanity through economically destructive action/proxy war that even harms their tribe, is an obvious distortion of humanism for tribal rulership gains/power.  The importance of humanism to God is primarily in binding rulerships from evil.  Where Church/Media encourages/unopposes the evil, they participate in the evil.  Tribal enhancement policies are entirelly humanist where they don't depend on opposing tribal diminishment.

If you love God, you must love humanity and society subsets of humanity and its sustainability, because God loves humanity.  God cannot just be concerned with only your narcissist prosperity.  If you already respect humanism,  independently of a faith/certainty of God, then you are already good.  Humanism as the clear definition of good, under God or not, is a basis to provide a clear definition of evil, and actionable opposition to evil.

Freedom is a non-pejorative synonym for selfishness.  The right to choose self-interested behaviour.

Freedom under God is selfishness constrained by truth and not harming other people.  Including not preventing social structure that improves freedom of others.  Those born on 3rd base, 2nd base, or first base, do not deserve additional privileges over those whose lesser opportunities require taking an "at bat".   Those who have seized the opportunity to start on base, need not restrain the opportunities of those at bat to bring them to home/increase their own prosperity.


As good is defined as humanism, neutrality is freedom.  The right to refuse maximal humanist productivity efforts is necessarily humanist, because the alternative is coercing productivity, and the coercion is harm.  Neutrality of freedom under God means that every action in between doing nothing (neutral) and doing good is permitted.

Valid reasons to refuse coercion for good/productivity include an unfair world where evil prevails.  A world structured to threaten you with starvation and cold if you do not find a sufficiently kind master to submit to.  A world that cannot sustain sufficient hope for parenting endeavors.  

Freedom under God prohibits shaming those who are on the neutral-good spectrum for being insufficiently good/humanist.  Behaviour that is respectful of God, is defined as not evil: ie. behaviour on the  neutral-good spectrum.  Equaling/synonymizing freedom and selfishness, and encouraging humanist behaviour through raising the awareness of social and personal benefits of humanist behaviour is the acceptable action for promoting humanism. Condemning/shaming selfishness that imposes no evil on others, is an act of coercion, that cannot be humanist, even if real humanist progress could be achieved through the coercion. 

Financial independence is also a fundamental definition of freedom.  If we took a survey for the question "Would you like to be employed in a function that serves to defraud consumers or investors, or secretly pollute the world killing neighbours or future generations?"  The only other non-demonic reply than "no", is "yes, if the position pays a lot more than non-evil work."  The reason that this is possibly a non evil/demonic answer is that financial desperation makes survival trump God.  The selfish need to survive is an understandable violation of God/humanism.  Even a wealthy individual can depend on the financial assets/income of a business. That greed/dependence requires obtaining sycophantic minions to fulfill the wealthy business owner's dependent financial needs.

Demonism: The advocacy and pursuit of evil  Justifying/implying it as good and necessary.

Indignity/Undignity: Service to evil.  Balanced between:  The freedom to say no, the awareness of harm done to others, and the rewards for doing harm.  Dignity becomes not the lack of indignity, but the pride of doing good.

A root of most evil is undignified sycophancy to organizational hierarchies that do harm.  The lack of individual freedom to say no is necessary for this evil.  Democracy has so far been ineffective in stopping "evil prevails".

Minimizing disorder

Property rights are necessary for prosperity/flourishing.  Constructing and believing violence, theft, fraud, and pollution are wrong and should be structurally deterred is unanimous.  A professional police force serving that deterrence is a viable path to maintaining civil order, and preventing disorder.  Food, healthcare, emergency security are important security too.

Rulerships require masses of "balanced" desperation in order to ensure a supply of soldiers and other slaves to enhance the strength of the rulership.  Democracy has so far been ineffective in limiting rulership evil because the prize of political victory is greater, the greater the rulership power.  Divisive championism (elect me and your special interests will be promoted) is the only basis for political war because political war requires effort and support, and championism can promise payoff.

Corporatism:  The supremacy of business interests.

Capitalism:  The supremacy of the investor class and capital.  Corporatism has significant overlap with investor class interests. 

It is the supremacism of capitalism and corporatism that is evil.  Not the investment and production it funds.  More production and investment is motivated instead through consumerism derived from less oppression. 

God is defined by principled hierarchy of Truth-Humanism-Freedom.  Diminishing the evil inherent to powerful rulership hierarchies is the principal act of devotion to God.  Security cannot be overlooked, including demonic manufactured instability/divisiveness made against God.  Where political battles over rulership control manufactures divisiveness and hate, it in fact manufactures disorder.  

Minimizing disorder, as this final clause of the God mandate hierarchy, is the necessity to significantly weakening current rulership power, without eliminating the peaceful stability of society.  Peaceful harmonious social stability is the goal of society.  Oppressive warmongering/thieving rulerships are not.

Unconditional Income (UI)/Freedom dividends

Also called Universal Basic Income (UBI) and Social Dividends.  UI is social policy consistent with/devotion to God.

UI eliminates poverty and homelessness.  It eliminates crimes of desperation.  UI provides the freedom to say no to underpaid or evil work, and lets those who are eager to say yes to work, to find well paid work easily.  The consumption boost of UI provides more work and more rewards to share between those who provide  and own the work.   Instead of a school to prison pipeline, youth can hope for a bright future.  UI provides family planning optimism, including your children having a future where they will receive over $500k in their lifetimes.  UI provides everyone the ability to afford academic or vocational training, including relieving parents from funding young adulthood.  UI is far more conducive to production output than welfare systems by not rewarding the poor/disabled/old only if they stay poor.

Financial stress amplifies mental health harm and mental deficiencies that amplify harm and abuse to self and others, including harming family and child development.  It drives people to crave outrage media and to limit others' freedom.  Financial stress or constant mental state of outrage at everything, distracts from the evil and misery inflicted on people by rulership, politicians, and oligarchs they serve.  The subservience and devotion to evil is manufactured by a harsh world that people are manipulated into serving.

An annual certain UI reduces the need for personal savings.  Extra spending from the near wealthy means that the very wealthy get richer through their consumption, or good investment opportunities are available to the near rich.  More spending, less savings is awesome for investment environment.  Lower risk for landlords, banks, and other creditors, and lower risk for theft insurance all significantly reduce parasitic pressure  on people from those sectors (who need to be paid more for higher risk).

Freedom dividends are easily affordable, by equalizing business, investment, and work income taxes.  Work income taxes are lowered compared to today by this process, encouraging everyone from investor class to entry level employees to earn more from work.  Funding from program cuts diminishes rulership evil, and false championism of politicians who will be bribed or berated out of fighting too hard to apply the inconsequential band aids  to oppression they falsely champion as a cure.  Funding from carbon taxes accelerates human sustainable survivability transition while still keeping fossil fuels affordable at any tax rate.  (A $10/gallon gasoline tax, with US consumption of oil at 1000 gallons/capita would fund $10k per person/family member in UI/carbon dividends, and by reducing gasoline demand, would bring the pretax cost of gasoline down to $1/gallon.  Saving the average user $3000-$4000 in surplus income.  Huge opportunities to save more by using less gasoline.)

A society that funds social dividends/cash to citizens first over rulership programs/power, provides a perfectly self-adjusting collective and individualist balance between growth/work, leisure, and inflation.  Social dividends allows pragmatism to prefer $2000 additional cash/year to tax payers over $500B in defense budget items.


A sufficiently heavenly paradise is the blue lagoon (film).  The work requirement to hunt and gather for survival is not a burden when resources are ample and sustainable.  The permissionless freedom is heaven.  A mutually beneficial relationship with a compliant and adoring spouse is heavenly and possible too.  But compliant slavery in service to all your needs is also sufficiently heavenly, for you.  Heavenly lifestyles on earth are available for those who can afford to buy compliance and buy/sell permissions.

The joy and hope instilled by hoping devotion to God/Jesus/Mohamed will lead to a low scarcity after life is a permissible hope for additional payoff for the devotion.  God just demands that following/idolizing your Church's promises of afterlife is prioritized below Truth-Humanism-Freedom.

A low scarcity world is easily achieved through technology/automation progress.  Clean renewable energy is the possibility to manufacture unlimited energy.  Industrial policy that makes such energy abundant means cheap energy for society, compared to protecting climate terrorist oligarchies that depend on energy scarcity for profit and power. US rulership manufacturing  Ukraine proxy war against Russia is manufacturing scarcity and climate terrorism.  Denying China technology access is a significant scarcity promoter (and prelude to further calamitous war against China), destroying technology's advance by limiting revenue/production capability.

US rulership power, and their weapons and fossil fuel oligarchy control, is directly terrorizing Americans and the world into a path towards hell on earth scarcity.  Blaming US rulership power for being the worst rulership among all rulerships is the natural answer, because it has the most power, and the most power to restrain its evil in exchange for requesting others' restraint of evil.

Strong absolute US/Global rulerships will turn post-scarcity advances of automation into extermination of the slave/serf classes, using divisiveness to have the slaves exterminate each other.  Automation replaces the need for slaves and their existential lives.  Only democratic ideal power, nominally held  by the slaves, can prevent the masses from elite controlled rulership extermination and hell on earth.  Continued absolute rulership sets a direct inescapable path to Robocop managed ghettoization followed by extermination.

Nationalist/identity hate 

Conservative political support requires manufacturing hatred and enemies.  "The real patriots support a war on sinners and minorities".  Victory is measured in harm achieved and normalized, regardless of (LBJ's) pocket picking costs to the minion zombies.   It is easy to add nationalist hatred points as a layer on other hatred.  The oligarch/elite demonic sponsors of conservatism do so to protect their financial/power empires, prevent innovation, and sell war.

“The national government will maintain and defend the foundations on which the power of our nation rests. It will offer strong protection to Christianity as the very basis of our collective morality. Today Christians stand at the head of our country. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit. We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in entertainment, and in the press - in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during recent years.” - Adolph Hitler, 1933

Ukraine nationalism has fanatical roots in anti-Soviet identification, morphing now into anti-Russian fanaticism.  The US empire is first a foremost managed by an unelected US weapons marketing team, funded by conservative/nationalist oligarchs profiting from the only way to sell weapons, and supporting both political parties harmonious weapon sales delivering power.  Funding nationalist fanatics to provoke and perpetuate a globally devastating war.  EU members, as US puppets, further allocate their unelected EU representatives on the basis of their devotion to NATO/US loyalty.  Media service to US empire is further disenfranchisement of the world, including the golden billion citizens. 

Nationalist hate is anti-God in that anti-human fanatical strength "deserves" power and rule over disloyal slaves captured within a border.  That this is a useful tool for US empire to sell weapons to other CIS states, or facilitate a path for war on China, is not a humanist God endeavor, and incompatible with a manifest destiny blessed by God.

True Liberalism: The freedom and equal opportunity for all. A centrist value approved by God.

Labourism, Zionism and Feminism

While capitalism and corporatism are categorically evil for their supremacism, oppression, competition/production and innovation stifling, and specifically for its control of rulerships to advance evil war as marketing operations, Labourist supremacism is not the answer.  Higher taxes, rulership program cost cutting, and social dividends is the answer.  Unions may improve the life of their members, but they do so by limiting the number of members.  Unions can also have enough power to gain "house slave" status from regulations/programs that make union membership more appealing to the "field slaves".  An example of this is Unions in NY state blocking universal healthcare for that state.  The freedom of social dividends is better labour empowerment than socialism/unionization's fight against capitalism.

Feminism and Zionism (defined with same parameters as capitalism above) are supremacist movements, not only for going above/beyond equality and social justice pursuits, but controlling the absolute supremacist power of being protected from criticism.  Apartheid, terrorist state, Israel, pursuing a final solution on exterminating Palestinians with bipartisan deep state political control of an approving US condemns criticism as anti-semitic.  Believing every woman's abuse complaints as incapable of lie, or preferring women for job and academic applications is supremacist evil whose criticism is deflected as misogynist.  Capitalism and warmongering murder also have evil speech protections where criticism is dismissed as Communist or paid Russia advocacy.  God does not permit this supremacism.

Oversensitivity/sensitivity laws/structure protects the supremacist powers that has achieved immunity from criticism.  Creating sensitivity safe spaces, and laws to enforce them, privileges those who are permitted sensitivity assertions.  It further empowers disinforming governments to crack down on "misinformation" that criticises them.   While demonic Republican evil serving corporatist oligarchy climate destruction needs to animate misinformation and hate as a populist distraction to destroy America and the planet, their political opposition must champion their own supremacists, while still taking funding from the same or opposing oligarchs.

Diversity as tokenism provides valuable societal/organizational diversity of perspective.  Racist/sexist exclusion of qualified opportunity is evil both in preventing tokenism diversity, or in seeking equality of outcomes, through suppressing the most talented from opportunity.  Academic admissions should be 42% female instead of 60% if an IQ of 115 is a gatekeeper.  Feminist supremacism should not influence academia.  If the top 0.6% (iq of 140) of intellectual talent are to have the opportunity to help humanity the most, then 29M of those 40M are male.  Blocking them from employment opportunity, or forcing hostile/sensitivity work environments on them, harms humanity.  The UBI/high tax model ensures that fortunes that are made either helping or harming humanity are taxed enough to help the rest of humanity/society's opportunities and freedom.  Opportunity means talent is set free to maximize humanism.  Taxes/freedom dividends just ensures that the benefits of humanism are shared, and the talented cheered on.

Corrupt democracy and corrupt liberalism form a basis for justifying warmongering murder for corrupt and evil objectives.  Justifies sycophancy of similarly corrupt allies to evil warmongers.  People are too easily hypnotized in picking a good side in war, ignoring the necessary evil of "the good side" manufacturing/insisting on the war.

Proof that Church and Media serve evil

The product of both Church and Media is the flock it controls.  Delivering fleecings and meat to demons is a more profitable, sustainable organizational model, than delivering freedom and happiness to the flock.  Serving "Satan"/lies to the flock is much more probable organizational mission than Truth or God.  The clear incentive to serve evil while pretending that it is God is the evil being blessed.

Judaism and Church-allied Nationalist hate share the same fundamental evil of  dangling a promise land for the in group, and permitting all evil against the out groups.  It relies on an absurdity of an evil god willing to Champion evil against its human creation because he's adopted a culture/sports team to cheer for, and war is entertaining for him.  God championing your tribe is purely and simply rationalizing your evil by lying that it is good/blessed. 

War is ultimate disorder.  Church and media supporting its manufacturing and legitimacy is evil.  Media, as Church, should have a responsibility to Truth, humanism, and freedom instead of being an agent of rulership power in its destruction.

Truth-Humanism-Freedom as a higher force

Principle because it is principle, is circular.  "Murder is wrong because murder is wrong" is a proof of God.  The circular aspect needs a higher force to validate it.  The alternative escape of God is "Murder is wrong, because that is the right thing to say, and saying so will bind you and protect me, and you better not fall asleep, and if I kill you, please God, protect me from revenge/investigation." is appeal to lowly, unprincipled, social forces to protect manipulative evil lying power to protect the liar without binding them.

The answer to why principle (universal equal binding for equal protection) is important, is that it is important because there is a higher force that makes it important.  The higher force is stronger the more people believe/respect the higher force. The force is omnipotent and eternal. Truth is omniscient.

People tend to want to accept or reject God as a being with full telekinetic control of every atom in the universe.  They are all angry that proof of God as a being is not the claim of this paper.  If God created Gravity, an omnipotent, eternal force that never rests or needs refueling, this is still a supreme being creating a higher force.  Creating the higher force of Truth-Humanism-Freedom, is an eternal omnipotent force, even if like rockets or jumping can escape gravity, lies are an effort that can escape truth.

Proving God as a Being is impossible.  There is a higher force for Truth-Humanism-Freedom. It is a force I, and believe most others, feel despite potential profit motives from lies, coercion, murder, and theft. The existence of the higher force is enough to prove God, even without evidence that God is a being. The force is entirely consistent with God, if he were a being. If faith or absence of faith determines for you that God is or is not a being, it doesn't negate the higher force that exists. Response to guidance prayer from a being or not will still be according to the higher force of Truth-Humanism-Freedom, if there is a God listening. So, understanding the being of God is enhanced by understanding Truth-Humanism-Freedom, and protecting yourself from demons who give you a different understanding.

The proof of God being offered here, is that independently of any supernatural powers of a being-God, or eternal gifts promises, the higher force of Truth-Humanism-Freedom is the true reflection of God's principles.  The higher force exists, but disproving God involves proving a better principled higher force.  A terrible, reprehensible, candidate that currently holds the Church-gatekeeped understanding of God in the US is US-Empire-Manifest-Destiny-ism as God's principle/blessing. Placing it above humanism, and any freedom to escape the rulership's ambitions. Diminishing Russia and China may greatly enhance US rulership power, but also cause massive human economic destruction, including a diminishment in American prosperity through recession and housing crash of higher interest rates.  Americans further risk nuclear weapons attack.  Truth-Humanism-Freedom is about enhancing Americans' prosperity through peaceful honest means that likely involves enhancing global prosperity instead of global destruction.  The principles that permit civilized peace, and better civilized peace once a path to low/post scarcity can be understood, is the human growth/prosperity that God wants for humanity.  God, as a being or as the eternal force of truth, does not want unprincipled tribal supremacy to destroy humanity.  God has already been constructed.  The relevance of the construction of God, completely independent/irrespective of the actual "physical" presence/being, must respect the will of God as if he were a being that wants good for humanity and not evil.

The US Republican party is demonic filth

Subhuman shitstain, Mike Pence, by declaring that Americans have "no freedom from religion" is saying that Americans should be punished for not obeying his Satanic death cult.  It invalidates the freedom OF choosing a non-Satanist death cult as an observance of God.

Demonic anti-human, genocidal American/Human baby suppressing, climate terrorist fossil fuel oligarch extortion supporting shitstain, Tom Cotton,  by denying global warming, and vowing the supremacy of fossil fuel profits and climate destruction for our lifetimes, wants to doom humanity while extorting them to their last breath.  The entire Republican congressional delegation blocking renewable energy expansion is them blocking the nearly limitless energy path that saves the planet, and blocking energy that can displace fossil fuels and so make them cheaper.

If you vote for Republicans in 2022 because of high gas prices or outrage over crime/immigration/trannies, then you will have high gas prices and outrage in 2024.  The oligarchs that enslave you will keep funding your enslavement.  There is no economic reason to invest in more fossil fuel development if its uses are rapidly dwindling.  There is only economic incentive to maximize extortion, while whining in order to support an extremist evil oppressive party who will provide subsidies for more oligarch and capitalist extortion.

Excommunicating, ostracisizing, and demonizing the Republican and conservative parties that share their evil, such that they are exterminated from public policy relevance, is needed in order for constructive political/social reform.  Nationalist/Religious hate groups allied with Republicans actively demonize hatred of liberals.  It is the wrong response to be defensive or dismissive of such attacks.  It is also the wrong response to let "Republicans own the construction of God"

Proof of God conclusions and attacks

Good must be defined as social/humanist outcomes, and good is only possible with freedom.  Deceiving the slaves/oppressed into an illusion of freedom is not freedom.  Freedom/abundance of opportunity motivates good/production.  Oppression/scarcity motivates evil and rebellious disorder. Where strength trumps Truth/God for self justification, then all murder/theft/lies/evil is justified merely by winning, including the disorder of harming the current winners. 

God focused on social/humanist sustainability, progress, and happiness is consistent with an eternal god for all.   An individualist/sin based God is a manipulation technique to bind the sheeple from murder and theft, while protecting the rulership (without binding them).  The only necessarily evil sin is wrath.  The other sins are falsely used as slavery production justifications.  Mother Theresa may have been motivated to do good by the vanity and pride of canonization, envying the other saints.  An athlete/business engaging in fair competition, will train/work hard with greed to win all competitions, perhaps to fund their gluttonous ice cream addiction and lustful dating ambitions.  Sloth/envy allows us to choose consuming others work/entertainment while further benefiting them by not competing against them.  Where Church can successfully market religion as an individual battle against sin, they can only attract psychotics who despise their nature and seek absolution by signing up.

An attack (Dostoyevsky + evil) on freedom is that most people have a need to follow and serve.  Following/serving good is a more attractive option than following/serving evil.  Evil justifying the deception of their minions as "natural dependence" is simple evil. For anyone who prefers obedience/service, the freedom of others enhances the value of your service to those needing to buy your loyalty.  Similarly, "meaning of life requires suffering" justification for suffering would be greatly enhanced through the maximum disorder of deconstructing property rights, and 99% income tax rates.  Protecting rulership elites from suffering is inconsistent with "suffering as a principle".

Instead of sustainable humanism, it would be a possible ethical position to democratically destroy civilization in say 2100.  It would satisfy truth and democratic will to inflict anti-sustainable despair on the future birth slaves.  Despaired disordered hellscape would be likely well before 2100, but after most older voters life expectancy.  While there is an ethical basis for choosing this only with honesty, it is still evil, and clearly against God.  Anti-sustainable evil of energy and other scarcity and march to war with Russia and China will be done with lies instead.

A probable truth is that slavery can produce more economic/birth output than freedom.  Total human output increased, but for the benefit of a few.  Calling slavery consistent with God is consistent with all disorderly chaos involved in counter-rebellious insurrection to enslave/eat the oligarchs.  Only principle is consistent with God.  Slavers claiming God to bless their ownership/position/victory because they are special individuals worthy of ruling invites the same unprincipled claim by whoever topples them.  Should God be a fate that punishes you with pregnancy and economic suffering of child obligation for lust?, or should God be a force that promotes society to want, including the sustainable economic empowerment of people, to have children as the greatest expression of individual and humanist wealth?

Constructions include marriage, rulership legitimacy and fiat money.  God exists as a Truth-Humanist-Freedom hierarchy.  Religion constructs God independently of his nature/existence.  Where religion allies with evil in making a construction of God that has loyalties higher than Truth/Humanism/Freedom, those religions' legitimacy must be deconstructed/destroyed.  Where this paper is a messiah/2nd coming of Jesus/Mohamed, an expectation that the 2nd coming would congratulate all the religious on their perfectness, perhaps with the only advice to buy more idolatrish crucifixes and rosaries,  was not reasonable.

If God does not materially exist in any dimension, constructing it still happens.  A construction of Truth-Humanism-Freedom is the rational economic construction that brings abundance and prosperity to earth.  Atheists and Agnostics should participate in the construction rather than throw away their democractic right to influence the construction.  Letting only evil vote is an evil corruption of democracy.  For those who love Jesus, a Truth-Humanist-Freedom-Messiah hierarchy is the only valid possible interpretation of the Messiah's speech, and only path to heavenly eternal paradise is to subjugate your adoration of the Messiah to its appropriate priority.  An earthly future heaven of abundance is an earthly hope to have children, and if reincarnation is an adventure option within heaven's kingdom, then a more pleasant eternity of more abundant options.

Economic rationality is truth.  It is not an imposition of freedom to impose economic rational solutions that benefit the whole of society even if individuals are too stupid or possessed to understand their benefit.  Under veil of ignorance, "thou shall not kill" binding you and everyone else, protects you from everyone else, saving you ultimate cost in that protection while binding a small cost in your freedom to do evil.  Freedom dividends paid from income taxes, binds a cost on those who freely choose/achieve success, provides a net transfer to those who are less successful-- a greater benefit to them than the cost to the successful -- while enhancing the success of the successful as money will flow back up to the working/rich as the poor spend all of their money/wealth.  UI further constrains rulership discretionary power/evil/spending.  It is not an imposition on freedom to impose a construction of true God that leads to prosperity, abundance, freedom and harmony.

Demonism exists independently of God.  It is the nature of evil to use all tools to enhance their evil including distorting God to bind their victims.  Accepting your suffering as fate while searching for meaning in/pleading your suffering to an invisible sky fairy, is the evil behind your suffering controlling you.  It is acceptance of demonism.  Demonizing demons is as important as accepting God to limit/eliminate the prevailing of evil.  If a construction of God can never satisfy those who refuse to consider God, demonism as defined here, exists pervasively without need for any construction.  Opposing demonism, or appreciating that it is unhelpful/unwelcome, is identical to accepting God.

Path for society's freedom and elevation of God

Lobbying Churches to accept God as Truth/Humanist sustainability/Freedom/insert-here hierarchy will divide them into God and demonic agents of rulership evil.  Excommunicating Republicans who corrupt God will disempower corporatist/capitalist oligarchy from oppression's legitimacy.  Judaism can be made inclusive of humanity in quest for promiseland.  Islam can delegitimize their rulership's power and their rulership's alliance/tolerance for US/Zionist empire.

Media needs to respect Truth more and US empire less.  Needs to avoid humanizing and platforming Republicans.  Needs to highlight the economic destruction caused by Ukraine proxy war on Russia.  Needs to highlight pragmatic needs of citizens over the rulership's ambitions and control.  There is a natural media self interest to promote citizens freedom and prosperity through UI, because advertising demand would shoot up as business would need to inform a broadly wealthy consumer base how to give them their money.  Media that needs sponsors to oppress citizens to their rulership masters is vulnerable to sponsors not wanting to be associated with evil.

Misinformation handling is difficult.  Trump lied/lies constantly.  So do all governments.  Well funded political misinformation is programmed to reach/outrage the right bubbles/filters.  Programming people is "a science".  While much misinformation is disorderly, divisive, and purely intended to destroy society, the empire's disinformation is theft and oppression.  Empire/rulership subservient media determining misinformation can be disinformation.  Censorship is an inappropriate means to deal with misinformation, because the censorship can be disinformation.  Accusing misinformation of being misinformation is the best/only free path.  God (truth/humanism/freedom) and the intolerance for demonism can help.

Tech companies, and the vast majority of business and consumers, and all labour all benefit far more from widespread prosperity than from slavery or empire.  Very few non-government/church institutions require desperation to prosper.  Tech companies, specifically, were born in a culture of "don't do evil", yet have become arms of the US empire.  Established tech companies may want to gatekeep innovation, capturing employees who have no other prosperous future than to submit to them, and so oppose UBI on that basis.  At the same time, UBI means massive sales growth and massive leverage opportunities of existing and growable talent pool, whose mothers will always be proud if their child is hired by tech giants.  US Empire's desperation war on China is a massive limitation to global progress and innovation, amplifying the global economic destruction of the proxy war on Russia.  It is critical for everyone who doesn't want poverty, collapse, violence and death to disempower rulerships before they cause collapse as a means to maintain empire.

The Forward Party, led by Andrew Yang (supporter of UBI, but lacking the full passion/understanding that UBI deserves), has the very sensible immediate priority of reducing divisiveness through election reform and unified political primaries.  While having more moderate candidates lowers the fear of fascism, and then lowers the left's need to rally behind the most neo-con warmonger candidate in order to achieve victory over domestic hate and fascism, moderate candidates can still bring problems.  Moderate republicans will still vote for climate destruction and energy scarcity.  Moderate politicians in general are more likely to support the Empire's strength and only listen to weapons manufacturers and capitalist supremacy lobbyists for policy ideas.  The centrism of populist/humanist UBI is not the same as the centrism of Oligarch serving empire strength, and moderate politicians still need a massive war chest to win.  If the Forward party adopted God, it would be very forward of them.