Sunday, November 13, 2016

Opposition to new US Republican control: State secession movements

I believe if the election were rerun 24 or 48 hours after, the democrats would win the presidency and senate.  Low democratic voter enthusiasm caused low turnout.  Media assurances that this was a sure thing for the democrats depressed turnout.  African American turnout was especially low, and in a the close election in many states, moderately higher turnout would have resulted in the media anticipated victory for HRC.

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Trump's racism
The real estate industry is the primary conduit for persisting racism.  Racists are attracted to the industry because it gives them control over who is allowed to live where.  Good neighborhoods and good schools need to exist within a reference frame of bad neighborhoods.

The "Birther" attacks on Obama were clearly a violently passionate attack that could only be believed if first a gut instinct that he's an illegitimate President is held, and then latching onto any theory.

The "Central Park 5" (Black accused murder/rapists) opportunity so motivated him that he rushed to take out newspaper ads to address/raise awareness of the "nigger problem".  Even after they were found innocent (someone else found guilty), he insisted on continuing their demonization, certainly because of the "greater problem" that seemed more important to him.

Trump's stupidity
Having a college education not only implies a minimum level of intelligence to gain admission, the process also exercises your thinking and gives you enough background information to absorb and understand the world for the rest of your life.  Its normal for people with little understanding of issues to have very strong opinions about them, because they feel better about themselves after thinking they grasp a single advantage or disadvantage, and relieved that they no longer need to strain themselves to consider other aspects.

I'm surprised to hear that Trump has a degree from Wharton.  Though not surprised that it is asterixed by either no attendance or potential falsehood (no classmate found that has any memory of him).

Being against the Iraq war, but also critical for not confiscating the Iraqi oil is childish stupidity.  Simultaneous criticism of excessive and insufficient evil, and a failure to recognize that the true evil he seeks, requires partnerships on the ground, and the oil is payment for their service.

Torturing children until their parents admit to being terrorists is a mental deficit indicative of racist dementia.  A college education prepares you to consider the possibility that the tortured tell you what you want to hear to make the torture stop.  (Something he would know if familiar with Central Park 5 case).

Fundamentally, "lacking temperament to be president" is the combination of hate, stupidity, violent impulsiveness, and cautiouslessness (bankruptcies) he's demonstrated.   Power doesn't increase reflection.

Trump as an establishment puppet 
His transition team are establishment professionals.  He refined his campaign tax plan to match Paul Ryan's.  During nomination political bargaining, he reportedly offered Kasich the power to administer the whole country to be on his ticket, suggesting he has no desire to govern.

During his first day in Washington's press conferences, his body language was defeated.  Paul Ryan had a genuine (non politician) beeming smile in total control.  Trump, an exceptionally talented liar, instead of having an emotional lift from winning, is showing emotional diminishment from knowing he has to walk back the lies, and is submitting/cowering to the establishment.

Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed beeming enthusiasm for Trump's victory  is indicative of the bipartisan establishment's commitment to Saudi Arabia's middle east destabilization interests, and threatens the Iranian counterbalance and peace progress made by Obama.  Trump's natural love for the military ensures welcoming any invitation for greatness  the world establishment provides him.  The swamp is swampy because greater people than him got drunk in it.

The Republican establishment seeks only to destroy America.  A collapse into a police state that serves the wealthy, and job creation only in the form of desperate people sucking dick for a blanket.

Any Trump benefit of being an outsider independent of the swamp's financial control, such as detente with Russia, or any attack of HRC's progressive agenda due to beholdment to the establishment, is completely lost if he sinks into the swamp on the first day.  Obama, and the democrat agenda, made minimal progress against the Republican's destruction agenda over the last 8 years, but the US did significantly better than its European peers, and the administration should get a passing grade for recovering from Bush's economic destruction.

You can't simultaneously politically attack artificial low interest rates, and the economy.  Dumping of US bonds post election is not a sign of anticipated economic utopia.  The hamster wheel economy depends on maintaining housing prices.  Higher interest rates will depress that market, and the dangerously high car production that has been financed through subprime in the last 4 years (over $1T in outstanding auto loans).

A 3/10 on the Idi Amin scale (corruption/self-enrichment) democrat candidate would have been preferable to a 7/10 on the Hitler scale (hate and megalomania).  Republican establishment control over him may mitigate the overt Hitler factor, but snapping temperament issues, and ultimate authority to act upon them, must remain a concern.


Democratic Establlishment
Midterm elections in 2 years are already being focused on.  Even if they are unable to stop destruction, they can vow very strongly to undo destruction.  This is key in both eliminating the extent of destruction and preventing the private commitment to any passed destruction initiatives.

It is natural to worry about democratic party impotence.  If the Democratic establishment wants any credibility and faith in its opposition to Republican control, Obama should at least make a recess Supreme court appointment.

Climate change issues
Dirty Coal is a dead technology that is uneconomic.  Clean coal is even more expensive and uneconomic.  All rhetoric designed to appeal to coal worker voters were outright lies, unless there are plans to nationalize and subsidize the industry beyond simply allowing complete environmental destruction.

Pipelines are 40-100 year payback projects.  The oil economy will not last that long regardless of Republican policy.  Democratic party assurances that all private investment in new pipelines will be made bankrupt the next time they have the authority to do so, should effectively nullify any destructive approvals of pipelines or coal mines.

The same stance will have some effect in limiting the destructive financial deregulation follow through, that republicans are salivating to inflict.

Tax destruction
A bill to criminalize deceptive and false economic theory, basically everything Larry Kudlow ever comments on, but most specifically that lower corporate taxes would increase rather than decrease growth, might stop the economic destruction of America.  If it doesn't stop corporate tax cuts, it will at least serve to link them to the economic destruction that results.  This is a corporatist media problem, but republican zombification of Americans towards corporatist subservience and economic destruction is easy when the lie goes unopposed.

While corporations pay a low percentage of total government revenue regardless of their tax rates, the simplest way for them to lower taxes paid is through any form of spending or investment.  The higher the tax rate, the greater tax reduction they receive and so the lower the risk to investment or hiring.  Low corporate tax rates only benefit successful companies with sure profit formulas.  McD opening a new restaurant or Apple developing iPhone 11 are sure profits, unaffected by tax rates.  Real risk taking investment is encouraged by higher tax rates that mitigate the cost of failure.  End of year purchase decisions for successful small businesses are encouraged (economically stimulative) by high tax rates.  A 50% tax rate is equivalent to a 50% discount on new computers, office furniture, or hiring additional sales staff.

State secession movements
Secession is first and foremost a bargaining position.  Freedom only exists if you have the freedom to walk away.  The ultimately true and resonating Brexit argument was that there is no valid insistence on submitting to Belgian rule.  In an atmosphere of threatening to tear up international treaties and agreements, national agreements should also be up for negotiation.

California Leadership
Leadership by California opens up similar opportunities in other, especially Blue, states.  Clear opportunity for the west coast to unify.  Clear opportunity to unionize with Canada, and clearer opportunity for Atlantic and great lake states to join the new stronger union.

Friendly secession
California will still buy red state corn, and happily sell them tech and entertainment.  Red states will have complete unimpeded freedom in setting up an exploitation and prison economy, and can expel their liberal faggots, and fund all the wars they crave.  Red states can protect their empires of dirt. Even if I/we advise that cooperation and trade leads to greater opportunity and wealth.

The appropriate answer to divisive politics is divorce.  Not submission to the winner.  This approach provides the ultimate freedom to both/all sides to organize their lives and economy as they wish.

It would be less friendly to point out that Red states are economic leeches that  receive a net transfer of tax revenue from productive America, and may be unable to fund every war that would bestow them greatness.

California's power
I believe most people in most states would prefer to be in a union that includes California than the one that excludes California.  If California takes an inclusive stance towards a union with other states who'd prefer not to submit to federal republican rule, the secession initiative will receive significant support among US state populations and Canada.

In terms of the establishment California political system, this should seem like an opportunity for enhanced power and relevance that they should want to seize.

If the old politicians cower at the proposal, it can be a midterm ballot initiative.

Other states could offer ballot initiatives of solidarity with California's decision, if they are concerned about seceding alone.

Secession is awesome
Most Trump supporters commenting on California's secession offer the encouraging "good riddance".  So we can all be happy.  Self determination is the most compelling argument, but another outcome is a new union that includes all 50 states, but with looser or different association contract.  Technology and ethics has advanced sufficiently in last 250 years to reform democratic unions.

The new union, and alliances with previous unions can be as close as each wants.  I have a solution that enhances independence and freedom of association members, which can also be implemented unilaterally though still friendly.

Natural taxation - Cashflow based business income taxes
Business Sales are taxed, and expenses and salaries refunded, in the jurisdiction they occur.  Investments received, and repayments made, taxed in business HQ's jurisdiction.
Personal income is taxed at the same flat rate as business tax.  No payroll taxes.  A refundable flat tax credit (potentially equivalent to basic income) creates effectively more progressive income taxation than current systems.  There may be an investment profit surtax, high income surtax, and limits as to the tax deductibility of new investment from employment/business income.  Longer details and justification of tax plan.

The key benefit of this tax system within alliances and unions is that higher tax rates strongly reward employment and other investment within a jurisdiction while compensating the societies that businesses sell to.  The more a jurisdiction wishes to attract business investment/employment, the higher the tax rate it should set.

The proper response to any neighbour or trade partner objecting to your region's natural taxation, as some sort of unfair advantage, is to adopt it themselves.

A tributory tax system for a federation/union/association of regions
Regional/association unity is best enhanced by a tributory tax that is a percentage of each region's tax revenue (say 10%) kicked up to the federation's budget.  While a federation has budgetary needs for common military, food/resource/energy security, and inter-regional infrastructure, its tributory budget should fund only a common revenue service and basic income/citizen's dividend.

The funding for  the federal budget should come from a poll tax/reduction of citizen's dividend, thereby encouraging only efficient and justifiable projects are funded.  A federation carbon tax, if any, should directly increase the social dividend.

The tributory tax system does have successful members contribute more than less successful members.  This serves as economic insurance, but also enhances the alliance economy as a whole by improving market access, and overall development.

A rich area may not have the geographic advantage for a solar or hydro energy project.  Federal assistance in incubating such projects and in electricity distribution networks can facilitate energy security and trade.

Under tributory tax system funding citizen dividends, regions fund whatever empires they wish for themselves through their own funds.  The federation is relatively weak and only able to  fund justifiable projects.  Regional independence is maintained because of this, while unity and cooperation facilitated.

If Nevada can make an argument that the federation very much needs a large desert solar plant it can sell the project/venture more persuasively to citizens if it offers to put up a significant portion of the costs.

Seperation of assets and liabilities
Like divorce, there is a separation of assets and liabilities in friendly secession.  Military assets are likely to be the most touchy.  An honest proposal at a fair separation enhances the friendliness of the secession, though since there are more liabilities than assets, a negotiation breakdown would harm the incumbent union more.  In my opinnion, an honest and fair secession proposal cannot be met by military violence without expressly acknowledging the slave status of subjects to the king.  King succession through electoral games does not weaken the king's power, exposing the weakness and inadequacy of the piece of paper (constitution) we tell our children gives us freedom.

Friendly secession
A successful region that wishes more independence will face less resistance by offering union and federation with its neighbours under terms that include the successful members paying more into the federation than the less successful members.  Doing so invites union and alliance, and enhances the friendliness of secession, and the opportunities that become visible to all.  This also weakens militarist destructive impulses of the incumbent.  If all of its members are more interested in joining the divorcing party than in destroying it, they are more likely to seek reform in their own union membership.  They can even view paths to reform that are purer to their ideals and free from compromise with political opponents.

Comprehensive opposition strategy
The democratic party establishment will do their part, but their only current power is threatening action the next time they achieve power.  The rest of us should not submit to these high stakes electoral contests for dictatorial control, or rely on the success of the democratic party opposition.   The loud discussion and planning of independent alternatives, may be most effective in mitigating destruction and evil.

One natural concern is that if red states are no longer supported by blue state tax revenue, they will have no choice but to rape the environment and planet out of desperation, perhaps turning to North Korean style militarist brinksmanship.

DPRK is the way it is due to imposed isolation forced upon it.  For this reason, friendly/inclusive session should be discussed.  Reforming the USA into a new union that includes all current states is the best and only way to drain the swamp in Washington that the political duopoly is incapable of relinquishing the power inherent in the swamp.

In reforming the USA (into new constitutional arrangement), and using the tributory tax system, there may be more sway in convincing poor states that additional oil development is both uneconomic and destructive.

The uneconomic argument is not only reliant upon properly assessing environmental and planetary damage costs, but also in failing to recognize cheaper and more efficient energy in the present and very near future. Even 10 year payback projects are a failure if oil is dead in 10 years.  It should be.  The rush to invest now is reminiscent of the race to exterminate whales in the 19th century.


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